Jai Santoshi Maa Mantra – Powerful Chants of Santoshi Mata

Jai Santoshi Maa Mantra – Powerful Chants of Santoshi Mata

According to Hinduism, Goddess Santoshi is the goddess of happiness and peace. People who worship her with true heart and devotion will have a fulfilling and happy life. There will be no shortage of anything at home. Being the daughter of Lord Ganesh, fondly known as Maa Santoshi she signifies love, forgiveness, contentment, happiness, hope. If you want to bring success, peace and prosperity at your home, then offers her prayer for 16 successive Fridays. During these days, you must avoid sour things like curd, tamarind etc as he hates such things.

Chanting her powerful Mantra on Friday will bring peace, prosperity, happiness and success in your lives. It would be advisable to avoid eating sour things on Friday. The powerful and auspicious Santoshi Ma mantra is

Shri Santoshi Devai Namah
Om Shri Gajodevoputriya Namah
Om Sarvnirvanaay DeviBhuta Namah
Om Santoshi Mahadevai Namah
Om Sarvakaam falpradaay Namah
Om Lalitai Namah

You need to keep few things while worshipping the Goddess on Friday such as kalash, betel leaves, flowers, dry whole channa, jaggery , camphor, agarbatti, diyas, turmeric, kumkum, coconut, turmeric rice.

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