Lord Shiva Powerful Mantra – Om Shivoham | शिवोहम | Shiv Mantras

Lord Shiva Powerful Mantra – Om Shivoham

“Shivoham” is an immensely powerful Shiva mantra and signifies our oneness with the almighty, the real truth. The meaning of Shivoham is that “I am Shiva”. Lord Shiva stands for acceptance. With love and devotion in your heart, you do whatever you feel and live a life free from suffering and pain.

The powerful Shivoham Shivoham mantra makes you feel free and you will have sense of detachment. It provides positive vibration that offers lasting transformation into your life. With its regular chanting, you will feel the ultimate happiness and will also enjoy the changing nature of the world. You will enjoy the flow of the life and will remain untouched with pain and suffering.

This ancient Sanskrit mantras beautifully create a vibration in our body, mind and consciousness that lifts our thought. Repeated Chanting of the Shivoham mantra stands for ‘I am eternal. I am pure. I am intelligent. I am free, I am unbounded consciousness”. Lord Shiva represents the true eternal nature, the source and the goal which always exists.

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